Who is Michael?

Hi everyone!IMG_20160729_163818

First I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting my site.

I am Michael Drone first and foremost. I am a Realtor in the Greater Houston Area (GHA) and I grew up in the suburbs of Houston. Now in my 28th year of life I know now that I know nothing and I am on a journey to grow in all aspects of my life. I want to learn as much about people; where they come from, their past experiences, challenges, wins, losses, etc. I want to help people overcome obstacles that have been in their way and become the best version of themselves as I grow into the best version of myself.

I write about things I learn from reading, listening, observe, and what is currently going on in my life. My page is a not a safe space because ideas are meant to be challenged and varying opinions is always welcome as long as it stays constructive. Differing opinions is how we grow and learn. We all have different paths in life and when they intersect it allows us to learn with others and instill wisdom at every encounter.

Lets grow together, let’s be real and authentic in a time when people are trying to keep up with the Jones’ we can help challenge each other to become the Jones’ in whatever aspect of life we want to!