Who is Michael?

Hi everyone!IMG_20160729_163818

First I want to thank each and every one of you for coming and visiting my site. I am a 26 year old student of life. I am a Realtor at Keller Williams Preferred in Houston, TX. If you asked me three years ago what I wanted to be I really didn’t know. I would have an answer for you, it would  seem regurgitated and would have been basically a stock answer. It seems this is a common theme among Millennials for a multitude of reasons.

What I want to do is be able to provide opportunities for  people like myself: entrepreneurial,  driven, assertive, hungry, confused, lost, frustrated, and looking for more in life. I have found more and more people in my life that have very similar traits. I want to cultivate a community of people that can help each other. We are all on this planet to learn from each other and teach each other. My one request, be completely open and honest, because when we hide details about what we need help with we limit ourselves and our ability to discover more about ourselves.

I will be completely honest and raw with you, because I love each of you, I respect all of you, and I want to help all of you in your success!

-Michael, Just Michael.