Perfection, Fear that Wins

Are you a perfectionist? Some of you probably identify yourself as being one. I have some bad news for you… being a perfectionist is holding you back.  I am not wanting to criticize you for being one, more power to you! I commend you actually! I am far from one, far from a details person, far from being organized.

I appreciate what you do at a high level, and as much as I appreciate what you do, you aggravate me as well. For your necessity to move slowly and methodically makes everything take longer. Everything has to be right: timing, systems, people. The problem with perfection is that it is completely unattainable and if you get caught up in things being perfect you will focus solely on that and not doing the actions that put the system or process into action. Some call it “Analysis-Paralysis”. Really what it comes down to is wanting to think through all possible scenarios where things can go wrong and working through them preemptively.

The problem with that is, you don’t know what you don’t know until you have to do it. Call it baptism by fire; you just have to trust in your ability and knowledge you current have, and never stop learning more about how do to your job better. You can always learn and develop better ways to do your job, even more so than just learning about them and never applying them.

My main reason for writing this is because the fear of getting started can mask itself as perfectionism. So just begin, make a mess of things, learn how to clean them up, develop and learn better ways to manage things, and move forward. If you just stay within your fears and don’t trust yourself you won’t make any money, and you will never get past the planning stage of your passions.

Trust yourself, fear starting less, and make a mess of things, so you can learn to clean it up!


In the words of Shia LeBeouf “JUST DO IT!”

 Be well everyone,

-Michael, Just Michael


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