Commit or Get Off the Pot

Hey everyone,

I wanted to write a quick off day post about something I struggle with and something I know other people struggle with. Commitment, in life, business, relationships, self; in all aspects of life really. What are you not committing to that you started? What is something that you wish you had followed through with? Does it stay in the front of your mind in the form of regret? 

It isn’t okay, and you are not alone. Most people want to live these big lives, or make these changes and don’t really put the strategy together to succeed. I know that I haven’t. I know I haven’t committed completely to the life I want to lead. I know I talk a lot and sometimes don’t act as much. My biggest struggle is consistency, I will make great strides in in commitment and then retract. Two steps forward, three steps back; as the saying goes. I have caught myself just coasting, and that is not okay, good or acceptable in any sense. If I want the life I want I have to fully commit to my success and so should you. I have to fully commit to the life I want to live, the business I want to own, and the relationships I want to build.

As I construct this person I want to be,  I have to rip out these aspects of self and replace them with better more disciplined ones with habits, disciplines, people, and beliefs. Accountability is crucial, and you cannot hold yourself accountable. Do not kid yourself, you can rationalize anything to yourself. Do not have a good friend do it, unless you make them hold you to an extreme level. Have them be very candid with you even when it is hard. If they truly care about you they will be brutally honest with you instead of softball with you. It is best to have someone that is someone you trust and is willing to commit to your success.

So, in from of all of you here is what I am committing to in my life to be successful

  • $4.8 million in gross real estate sales in one year.
  • One vacation
  • Take BOLD this year
  • Tithe 10% of every transaction to my church
  • Build authentic and honest relationships
  • Read 24 Books
  • Commit you my blog, and you

It might seem like a lot, and it will not be easy. Though if your dreams do not scare you they are not big enough. NO back up plans, no lowered standards, no stopping. I want to reiterate that accountability is key and I will have people holding me accountable to these goals of mine. Some of them might be you!

-Michael, Just Michael.


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