Happy Friday Everyone!

I was building a playlist earlier this week, songs that are positive and will hype me up. My musical spectrum is all over the place; rap, opera, grunge, rock, hip-hop, folk, indie; you name it I will listen to it. I came across a song by Papa Roach that encompasses what I am looking for.

Face Everything And Rise a song that speaks to a wide spectrum of events and emotions. It comes down to resilience. No matter what comes at you push through it. Whatever adversity, event, emotion, petrification; anything that makes you stand still for too long due to FEAR. Redefine it for yourself and don’t allow it to define you. You only get once chance to live the life you want. It is your choice to live a big life or a small life.

The catch to a big life is that you must make big decisions require massive action and a level of discomfort that you have never experienced before. I choose to be someone that lives a big life and not just talk about it. I choose to be around people that challenge me and push me to be more, do more, and have more. I live an unaverage life for a 26 year old because of the habits I have and habits I am developing. I choose to learn the most, invest the most, do what is not “normal” for people my age. I spend most of my nights not out partying or drinking. I spend my time reading or writing or in some form of growing myself and my knowledge. To live a big life, you must make sacrifices of what is considered immediate fun for long term fun.

My goal is to do something that makes me uncomfortable every day because living in a state of discomfort is to be in a state of growth constantly. So, I am going to announce now that I am going to do something that makes me uncomfortable. I am going to start either going live on Facebook or start recording videos on YouTube. Free flowing thoughts around a topic or an event and I will do Q&A as well either in the comments or live. I will let you know as soon as I decide on the platform I choose and will link it so you can find me. As I learn more about blogging and about WordPress I will develop my platform further so we can have more interaction and engagement.

Cheers to Discomfort!

-Michael, Just Michael


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