Mindset – More than what you “think”

What is mindset anyways? What does it mean to have a good one or bad one? Is there a such thing? Can you really control your thoughts and feelings?

Why is this happening to me? What if they don’t accept me? Why didn’t she text me back? What if I fail? What can I do today to make my life better tomorrow? What is the lesson I can learn from this obstacle? Why am I always so tired? Where am I most valued? What can I do to make my life better? What am I passionate about? Is this something that will make me a better person?

Have you ever knowingly or unknowingly asked yourself any of these questions? There are a bunch of questions above you just read, which ones do you think come from a place of victim mentality? Which ones do you think come from a place of empowerment?

These are all questions I have asked myself at some point in time in my life, some (most) multiple times throughout the day, weeks, months years, decades, lifetimes. We ask ourselves questions constantly, sometimes second guessing ourselves. Usually to keep us safe, accepted, within social norms, or cultural conformity. The real question is why? Why do we yearn to feel safe; what in our lives should we truly fear? Why do we seek acceptance from the people around us and deny who we really are when there are like minded people out there that are similar to us?

Let’s break this down into smaller pieces. Let us accept the fact that we do all ask ourselves questions. The questions that we ask ourselves effect who we become in life. If we ask ourselves questions that are reactive, we will be reactive in life and will live like a victim. It is always someone else’s responsibility for our problems, and they should be the one to solve them too. That is the easy route to take in life. Easy choices make for a hard life. The flip side to this coin is, if we take ownership of our lives and stop the negative self
talk that places doubt in our minds we will then become empowered. It is like mind control, except you are not controlling anyone’s mind but our own. This isn’t about always being positive and ignoring the bad things that happen in life. Bad things are going to happen in life, it is an inevitability. What we can do is control how we view the bad and how we react to it.

“Your life is the result of the sum of the questions you as yourself” Dirk van Reenen

We all know the adage “You are what you eat”, the same principle applies here too. Junk in junk out. Fill your body with garbage, trans fats, processed foods, etc. you feel like garbage. Fill your mind with garbage, your thinking patterns will be garbage.

But Michael, how do I develop a better mindset?!

Here are some main things you can do….

  1. Accept full responsibility for YOUR life, own it!
  2. Look at the problems in your life as challenges, and that every challenge in your life is something overcome and grow from. I remember 1 Corinthians 10:13.
  3. Be curious all of the time. Ask “how…, why…” questions lead to growth.
  4. Get around better people. This is crucial, no lone wolf grows quickly.
  5. Read, listen to audibles, podcasts. Consume good information.

These are some things that I have done to help shift my mindset. The key thing is to do what works for you, and if you have something that works for you please share! I would love to know what is working, because I am a curious person.

If you like what you are reading, and if this is helping you please be sure to share it! We are all on a journey and we cannot go it alone. Create a tribe of people that inspires and creates positivity!

Michael, Just Michael.


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