The Catalyst

As I start 2017 off, I think to myself “When this year is over, how do I think I will describe it?” That has been the question I have been asking myself since the clock rolled over to midnight, January 1, 2017. And as I visualize all the books I am going to read, all of the business I am going to transact, and all of the experiences I am going to have. What really matters most is what growth I am going to grow from.

Since 2016 can be summed up as “The Year of Discomfort” I want this year to be the year of explosive growth. And that excites me more than anything, the struggles I am going to go through, the blood, sweat, and tears I will experience. I cannot wait for it! I can honestly say that more than travel, more than achievement, more than anything else; I am most excited for the pain and struggle.

That is why I am wanting to call this year, this 2017, The Catalyst.

What are your goals for 2017?

What are you most excited about, what makes you most anxious?

How would you like to be able to describe your 2017, and how would you describe your 2016?

– Michael, Just Michael


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