2016: The Year of Discomfort

Hey everyone!

As we wrap up 2016 I look back at my year, closing out my 25 year of life and entering my 26th. I reflect as to what I have accomplished, what I haven’t accomplished, and what I learned from my successes and failures. If I were to only use ONE word to describe my year it would have to be “DISCOMFORT”

This discomfort allows me to be so thankful and grateful for. For the challenges, obstacles, and struggles that allowed me to grow as a person, businessman, entrepreneur, brother, son, and uncle. I will put the disclaimer here that I am by no means perfect or anywhere close to where I want to be thought the catalyst of the events of this year have put me on the path to activate my highest and best version of myself. It all came down to one question that I asked myself  every single time I was faced with the a problem.

What is the solution to the problem that I am facing today? And what is the lesson I choose to learn from it?

By asking myself this question and creating a stream of question that are solutions based and not problems based you can find the model, the book, the mentor, the whatever you need to get to the solution faster than ever before. The reason is, if you focus solely on the problem you can not find the solution, it is only when you flip it to wanting to find the solution that you can and will be able to solve it. Focus on the solution and fill in the blanks to get there.

To be completely honest with you, I have to work really hard at staying focused on my growth and staying focused on the solutions because of growing up with a poor mindset and being a hyper assertive person. Yes, there is a such thing as being TOO assertive! I can be, and have been, the dog from up that gets sidetracked by the squirrel mid thought. We all have our own squirrels that will get us off topic, and I have to assess which squirrels to chase or to not chase them at all. And most of the time, you just have to let them run, to keep the metaphor going.

2017, this coming year is going to be huge for me, I am primed and I am ready to make 2017 the biggest year of my life thus far! As cliché as it sounds, I am so AMP’d for January one!

What are your goals, what are you planning to do in the new year? Where are places in your life that you plan to have massive growth? What are you going to do to safeguard your growth and will keep you on track? Who is going to hold you accountable this new year?

These are very important questions you should ask yourself going into the new year. And you can only grow from a place of discomfort. And discomfort can come in all shapes and forms. So when you are faced with adversity and challenges in the new year, remember the question I ask myself, and start asking yourself your version of that question. Solutions based, not problems based; see how that works for you and lets crush 2017 together!

Michael, Just Michael



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